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  • West Island Nursery Spring 2018

    Spring Clean Up

    Come visit us to see our great selection of plants and trees.


12 January 2018
At the start of a new year, part of the celebration involves embracing the notion of a clean slate, a new beginning. We hit the re-start button. We get to start fresh, to enthusiastically begin again....
22 June 2017
Flowerbeds prepped – check.Flowers planted – check.Mulch down – check.Flower pots cleaned and filled – check.Your garden is in shape. It's looking good, if you do say so yourself. The view from your b...
06 June 2017
In conversation with Teresa Amorosa, co-owner of West Island Nursery, during a recent downpour – just one of the latest/constant/never-ending rainfalls we have been experiencing – she said: "You can't...

West Island Nursery

Since 1974, we've been providing the Montreal West Island area residents with a "one stop shop" where gardeners and homeowners can find everything they need.

We service residential, commercial, industrial and institutional customers.

Our father Giovanni Amorosa has built this business to what it is today, with one main objective in mind: “SERVICE”.

The Amorosa family and their staff are always pleased to welcome you every day to satisfy your gardening needs.


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4780 boul. St-Charles
Pierrefond, Quebec
(514) 620-2615

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Store is closed till April 1 2018. Please leave a message on our voicemail should you require assistance.

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West Island Nursery

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4780 boul. St-Charles
Pierrefond, Québec
(514) 620-2615
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