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The Long Weekend!

The Long Weekend!

It is coming. Weather reports are enticing us with a favorable forecast, after battering us with the cold spring. My morning ritual is walking through my garden and looking at the changes. While the palette is still rather bland, framed with the vibrant green (thank you rainy spring), I love seeing plants come up and present themselves.I have a patch of «Dutchman's Breeches—Dicentra cucullaria»—in the corner of my rock garden. Certainly not a show-off plant, it is a sweet one.

Taking 5 minutes of my extremely busy day is how I relax. It has been non-stop movement and busyness for us. For a brief moment, I wondered, why? Why do I do this? No time to eat properly, sleep deprived, no time to run, have lunch dates, no movie nights, not a minute to really have 'me' time. It's a solid 1 month set up to this long weekend, then 2 solid months of  'go time'.

I still don't have the answer; however, it would seem I simply love it. I swim in the aroma of earth in pots, savour the different colours that arrive day after, I am surrounded by the most eclectic, fun, energetic staff, get to work with my family and bring my dog to work and have been able to grow with my various customers, share their stories and help them create their dream gardens.

We are ready! We have the best soil in bulk to get your gardens started, our little greenhouse is stocked with vegetables, we have little fruits, big fruits, annuals, perennials. 

Anything you want for the outdoors, we have it. I mean it when I say, we are looking forward to serving you.

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