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Our mother is special

Our mother is special

Our mother is special. Really. So much so, that we are constantly reminded to appreciate her. Not a day passes without one of our dear customers asking about 'Nonna'. She receives countless visits from patrons and discussions ensue about gardens, cooking, travels to Italy and mostly about families. Once she goes back to her chore of choice for the day, we, her children, are told to take care of her. What they witness with us, is a unity that our family has woven, with the mamma Adolorable being the master weaver. With her smile, that originates in her heart, they feel the love our mamma has for us, and spills over for others.

It has been a gift to be able to grow with her this long. Much like the 'old farmer days', she is an integral part of our life. She gave to us, a sense that we--and years later-- her grandchildren, are the core of her existence. Gardening has been my mamma's passion. We lived in the city of Montreal for 15 years, prior to moving the 'country' of the West Island. In the city, the entire back yard was a vegetable garden. It is a vivid memory to see rows and rows of broken hockey sticks supporting plants. Moving to Kirkland provided an opportunity for mamma to really experiment with plants. We had EVERY imaginable plant. I feel now, that was her refuge, from tilling the ground to harvest, you could see her trademark smile as she walked through the patio door. Today, she still prepares her gardens, both ornamental and veggie.

We have had to share this beautiful woman's goodness with family, friends and customers. We do so, knowing she has an endless supply of it. Perhaps she gets recharged with that goodness, every time her hands touch the earth. Rest well, dear customers, that we do appreciate 'Nonna', and as she has taken care of us, we will take care of her. We simply would have it no other way.


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