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Mulch: Beneficial and attractive

Mulch: Beneficial and attractive

Mulching can be both beneficial and attractive

Apply and water properly

Firstly, make sure the thickness is at 4" mulch in order for it to be effective in keeping down weeds. Mulch also helps retain moisture in the soil. Remember, when watering, to water deeply, in order to avoid just moistening the mulch. I like to keep a 2 to 3" separation from the trunks of plants in order to have a thruway to water.

Don't forget the soil

Also, sometimes, we tend to forget about the soil when we have mulch. It may be necessary to move the mulch in order to add compost, fertilizer pellets, or more earth. Adding these 3 items is as important as watering and enjoying the weed-free garden, so every year, it will be a good thing for your plants to do so. No need to remove completely, of course, but a little is better than none at all.

Looks good!

Of course, there is a wonderful, neat look to mulch and you can use it as a decorative touch by choosing different colors. Always a fun way to be practical makes our business easier.

Enjoy and feel free to call us for more info and tips.

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