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It's fall and there is lots of gardening still to do!

It's fall and there is lots of gardening still to do!

It has been a glorious end of summer! No, we are not closing soon. We are an old-fashioned, authentic garden center, and we know that , until the snow arrives, there is lots of gardening still to do.


Yes, it is a good time to plant. The cooler nights and days offer a less-stressful environment for what you plant now. Whatever we have in pots, you can certainly put in your garden. You can divide perennials, transplant right now as well. Do call us first, to make sure of what you are digging out and we can advise you.


While you're enjoying this year's last harvest, take some time to focus on the foundation of your vegetable garden. As soon as you clean out the veggie plants, add compost to it. This is true for perennial gardens and hedging..


Add the fertilizer! We carry Fafard 10-0-16 and Herbionik 8-0-14. Both of these are premium lawn fertilizers and are an important part of your lawn's diet. This application fortifies the rooting system


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