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Here's an idea to honour your mom this Mother's Day


Here's a suggestion: This Mother's Day don't buy your mother anything. Instead, honour her, and her legacy, by planting something that returns every spring, that buds every May, that reminds you every year about the woman who …….. and fill in that blank.

Ask anyone – and this includes people who live far away from their mothers, or around the corner, who have lost their mothers or who talk to their moms every day – and they will be able to tell you a story about the woman who has played such a big part of their world. These stories are part of your history; the fabric that has wrapped you tight and given you warmth. You are the keeper of these stories. But how will they be passed on?

Let's face it, with every generation, time and distance gets a little wider. As the years go by, the weave of the family fabric stretches. Will your kids know how wonderful your mother was? How will they remember? You are the keeper of that history. So here is a suggestion on how to share those stories: This Mother's Day plant something with your kids in your yard, preferably near a window, and tell them that you are doing it to honour your mother, their grandmother. Tell them a story about her. And tell them that you are doing this because it is important to remember. And this plant – one that will bloom each spring – will be a reminder for them of this great and wonderful woman who …… and fill in the blank for them.

The Amorosa family, the owners of West Island Nursery, would be more than pleased to help you select an appropriate perennial for your yard to help you honour your mother this Mother's Day. It could be one of our fabulous Knock-Out Roses or one of our many Hydrangeas. Drop by. 

West Island Nursery is on St. Charles Blvd., just south of Pierrefonds Blvd. in Pierrefonds-Roxboro.

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