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Father’s Day


What to get dad? A new tie, maybe a wacky one? A new golf shirt? Movie tickets? All super ideas. 

We used to take my dad out for supper for Father's Day. We would choose an upscale restaurant as we felt he deserved the best and we also wanted to give mamma a break. After dining on his favourite steak, the bill would come and no matter how much we insisted, it would go directly to him. He never wanted or let us pay for anything for him. What now understand is that for our father, the gift and joy for him was the gathering of the family. That's all he wanted.

Years later, we, his children, do the same with our kids. Our pleasure is simply being with our kids, no need for fancy dining or gifts. Spending time and celebrating events with them at our mother's house is a tradition that was embedded in us by our father's deepest wish.

I have asked a few men what they cherish most about being a father. The common thread is that they want their children to grow into mature adults who contribute to their world and who grow with the values they were raised with. I heard about how important it is that respect of their family and others is primordial. From observing their children, I see how their wishes are coming true. I'm proud to count these men and children as close friends.

I notice men who shop will often want something edible. Not all of course, but a lot.

So to celebrate our beloved father's, from June 14 to 16 all of our fruit trees will be reduced by 30%. 

We will also be offering a "six-pack" variety of herbs and vegetables to help your dad get the "six-pack" abs he has always dreamed of having 

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