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Enjoy your fathers, may you be developing fond memories with them

Enjoy your fathers, may you be developing fond memories with them

Father's Day has become a day of reflection for me, having lost our dad 24 years ago. It is still a celebration, as we had such a fruitful relationship while he lived. I did not think I had more to say about my dad, after posting my Father's Day homage last year and highlighting his wonderfulness with a picture of his five grandkids with the 'Amorosa' street sign. Well, Mohamed Ali's death triggered a Johnny memory! 

One of my dad's pleasures was watching sports. He enjoyed team sports and boxing. I sat with him for as long as I could bear to watch two men bash each other, and we would speak. He explained the athleticism of it, the dignity Ali had for his sport and for his fierce competitiveness and dedication to the road that got him to that ring. Not realizing it, I gained a respect for my father, for having the patience to draw me in, to show me without lecturing, a different perspective. 

Another gift I can chalk up of his to me. Because of those moments, I always loved Ali, not knowing what a benevolent, man of character he was, which I learned recently. I'm sure my father would have appreciated the words of praise Ali received post mortem. I certainly gained a newfound respect for Ali. Another wonderful characteristic of my father was his pleasure of sharing his table with people. Now, not just the family and friends, but customers were often invited to the nursery kitchen for a little glass of vino and a snack--sausage, cheese and bread, olives--whatever we had that day. Our little back kitchen walls are full of stories that are embedded in paint, silently waiting for the characters to share their experience of Johnny with us. I still so enjoy when we hear of them. 

Enjoy your fathers, may you be developing fond memories with them. 

To commemorate my father's love of sharing, we would like to offer you 15% off all fertilizers in our store. As we need nourishment, so do your plants. All of them. Keeping the soil healthy, with added nutrients will benefit your flora and you will benefit with the beauty and the plant's bounty. From June 17 to June 21, take advantage of the sale. It's simple and beneficial to all.

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