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A new year, a new begining


At the start of a new year, part of the celebration involves embracing the notion of a clean slate, a new beginning. We hit the re-start button. We get to start fresh, to enthusiastically begin again. We will now get fit, stop smoking, be better. Basically, do all the right things we have in the past intended to do, but did not get around to actually doing. Now, with a new year, we get another shot at it. It makes us feel good. It's hopeful. It's inspiring. It's also flawed thinking, really. Because nothing in nature simply happens magically all on its own.

If you want something to happen, to develop, to grow, you have to start with an action that involves more than flipping to a new calendar. But what is that action, exactly?

For a guide, look to nature. Start with a seed. Plant it. Nurture it. Feed it. Tend to it. Protect it as it develops. Give it light. And then, be inspired by what you see. It could be simply a perfect blade of grass. Or, a delicate, yet structurally intricate flower that is nothing short of a work of art. Or, it can be a mighty oak that rises high into the sky and stands for 100 years or more. Whatever it is, it comes from the same beginning: a seed. But it must be planted, nurtured, fed, tended to, protected and given light.

So as you begin 2018, all of us at West Island Nursery would like to inspire you to grow your new beginning this year. Don't just imagine it will magically happen. And to help you, we encourage you to actually plant something. Let this simple act inspire you to do the same with all your hopes, dreams and plans for the year ahead. When you water your plant, let it remind you to tend to your goals. When you sit it in the sun, let it inspire you to give your own plans light to grow. Nothing just happens out of the blue. Plant a seed and watch what develops.

Happy New Year!

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